Select Your Live Singer Playlist


Welcome! Here you’ll find a check-box form to select the songs you’d like to hear for your event. Please fill out the form and press submit to send this to me. I will arrange the songs into sets for you on my end as I will have to think about some technical details, but here are some tips for what to choose:


  • I usually work with 3 sets of 30 mins. On average there are 12/13 songs in a set.

  • First set - You usually want to start the night with family friendly pop songs. This pleases the guests who are not necessarily brave enough to get dancing yet and helps those who aren’t spring chickens to feel included. Example: Earth, Wind and Fire - September

  • Second Set - This is where we start to ramp up the energy! We want to get people dancing and in the mood to party all night long so think about including some faster, well-known classics as well as feel good anthems. Example: Gala - Freed From Desire

  • Third set - Go all out! Why not? Everyone will be giddy and ready to rave so think high energy, sing-a-long and great songs to jump to! Example: Martin Solveig - Intoxicated

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Popular Songs
These family friendly songs are great for a first set to get everyone in the mood to dance and for pleasing guests of all ages and tastes
Dance Classics
I have yet to attend an event where my dance classics didn't get everyone partying! I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND you include some of these songs for your second and third sets. If you aren't too familiar with dance classics, the "*" songs are the ones that always rock it!
Modern Dance
These tracks are also party bangers! They tend to be more uplifting and so they work perfectly for second and third sets.
Deep House