1. How do I book?

Head over to our contact page and fill out our booking enquiry form. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

2. How much does it cost to book?

Prices vary depending on the package booked. Fill out the form on our contact page and if we’re available we will be back in touch within 24 hours with your quote.

3. How much is the deposit?

Deposit amounts vary depending on the package booked but they usually fall between £100 and £250.

4. How do we stay in touch after booking? Can I send you questions from my venue/wedding organiser?

You can email anytime and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Feel free to pass us any questions from your venue or organiser, or if you’d prefer you can also pass them our email.

5. How can I make payment?

Payments will be invoiced for directly to you via email with banking details and a reference for bank transfer. To discuss possible alternative arrangements please email for more information.

6. What kind of music do you play? Can we choose our playlist?

We play a wide range of music and each act has its own playlists which can be sent upon request for you to pick from.

7. Do you provide your own PA?

Yes we can provide our own PA. Please request this at the time of booking.

8. Do you provide your own DJ?

Yes we can provide a variety of DJ options. We can often also work alongside your own DJ if you have one. Please enquire about this at the time of booking.

9. Can we have input into what the DJ plays?

Yes, we will personalise our DJ’s playlist to you.

10. Can you learn and play a special request or first dance song?

Yes. Please request this at the time of booking.

11. What are your technical requirements?

Each package has slightly different technical requirements. If we are supplying our own PA we will simply require space to setup (3m x 3m) and two standard 3-pin power sockets.

12. My venue does not allow amplified music. Can you still play here?

Yes. We offer unplugged options. Please contact us via our contact page for further information.

13. Our venue has a sound limiter. Can you still play here?

Yes, we can work to your venues sound limiter, we just need to know the dB limit this has been set to.

14. Do you have PAT and PLI insurance?

Yes, all acts are fully PAT and PLI covered.

15. We're having our event in a marquee and will be using a generator for power. What are the power requirements for your act?

This will vary depending on your package. Feel free to drop us an email when you have your package in mind and we can specify this for you.

16. Can we book you to perform overseas?

Yes, absolutely! We’ll just need to discuss with you the travel, accommodation and technical requirements.

17. Can you provide microphones and sound for speeches?

Yes. Please request this at the time of booking.

18. Can we book more than one package for our day?

Yes. There’s often a discount offered for full day bookings too! Please enquire for our availability and to discuss how you’d like to build your entertainment across your day.

19. We'd like something not advertised on your site, can you help us with this?

We have many trusted contacts within the industry including those in event production, photography, videography, styling etc. Feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

20. Can you help us with extras like confetti, glow sticks, dancers, production and specialist acts?

Yes. Feel free to ask us about adding extras onto your package and we’ll be happy to help.