Love New Music

It’s only February 2019 but good music waits for no man and this list is testament to that. Here’s 5 absolute bangers that came out this year and which I had to add to my playlists!

Now you don’t have to love them too, but if you do like what you hear please show some love for the artists great music and share, add them to your playlists and most importantly go out and buy them!

  1. Illyus & Barrientos - Shout

    …..Just listen to those vocals :@ yaaas queen!

2. David Penn REMIX - Sometimes (It Happens) (Jack Back)

…..anyone else now in the mood to go out?! *clap* *clap* *clap*

3. PBH & Jack Shizzle - I Wanna Know You

…..these guys are simply killing it at the moment <3

4. Joe Stone - Bug A Boo

… EPIC remake for all us Destinys Child fans! #BringBackThe90s

5. Watermat - Preach

…..ace! Nuff said :>